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The Good Flock iWooly for iPad + Field Notes

The Good Flock combines the digital and analog worlds with an iPad case ($65) that features a leather-sleeve that can fit a Field Notes notebook. Limited to 25 pieces, the sleeve is made from army green virgin Pendleton wool and can fit either and iPad 2 or 3 with or without the Smart Cover attached.

BOWDEN & SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases

These cases have been designed to fully protect your iPad during everyday use while not sacrificing the design and feel of the iPad itself. The idea was to build a case sturdy enough to take a beating, but sleek enough for any setting. Both the Bowden and the Sheffield originate from the same design, with the only difference being the materials used. Both cases will fit the iPad 2 and new iPad, and measure 10 7/8 x 8 1/2 inches and only 3/4 inch thick. They both come equipped with a magnetic closure system to keep your iPad securely in place at all times.

Rocketfish iPad Sound Prism

Designed by CRE8 Design Studio, and it’s a portable unit made to work with iPads, though since it uses Bluetooth it will work with smartphones and other tablets as well. The speaker attaches itself magnetically and it can hide away inside an Apple Smart Cover when folded up. Sound comes out of both ends, so its not obscured by the iPad or its cover.