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Prada & LG Bluetooth Headset ($140)

LG recently took their technical know how to the luxury brand Prada for a collaborative bluetooth headset that looks sleek and works like you expect LG products to perform. The Prada & LG Bluetooth Headset comes to us in an all over black appeal with chrome accents around the frame and the Prada brand logo on the front. The Prada & LG Bluetooth Headset is available at select retailers.

LG 55EM9600 55 inch OLED TV

LG has revealed the design of new 55EM9600 55 inch OLED TV. This model will use carbon fiber back and it will be just 4 mm or 0.16“ thick. It features a dual-core chip to power up the user interface that allows the user to access to online services from LG and third parties.

LG Series 1 Retro TV

The television has a 14-inch screen and comes with rabbit ear antennas and chrome legs. There are also retro knobs for adjusting volume and changing the channels. Although the set is old looking it does have a wireless remote for changing the channels.There is also a switch on the set that allows a person to change the color in which the television runs its shows. Users can change the set from black and white, to color, to sepia. It also features a composite video for game consoles and a modern digital tuner.